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Environmental Stimulation

Your dog’s acclimation to various environments and stimuli are critical from puppy to adult. The more places you take your dog, the better behaved they will be.

Dogs that surf countertops

Counter surfing is a frustrating behavior shared by many dog owners. Have no fear because we can show you how to correct it!

Tactile command transition

When teaching tactile commands, transitioning your dog to the ground from a table is easy. Once on the ground, build your dog’s sit , stays or down stays with distance, not time.

Pet first aid

Pet first aid is a crucial part of our day to day routine. Be prepared in the event of an injury! Our videos help you recognize what is normal for your dog and potentially save their life!

Better Dog Trainers Mean Better Results.

Our trainers meet the highest qualifications in the United States. We utilize progressive teaching methods that will solve your daily dog’s obedience problems and will go the extra mile to teach you motivational techniques and methods you can’t find anywhere else.

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Online Dog Training to take YOU to the next level! Dog behavior issues, silly dog tricks, obedience, agility, pet first aid, and more! Let the top dog trainers from around the world elevate your level of compliance from your basic puppy needs to advanced adult dog training! Need help in Schutzhund/IPO/IGP? No problem! Learn from the world's best, highest competing dog trainers in a step by step training methodology!