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Tobias Oleynik
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My name is Tobias Oleynik. I am from Germany. I am the founder of TopDogs Sports company focusing on IGP sport, Police, and Search & Rescue Dogs training. I am also a co-founder of TopDog-Training, one of the largest Professional Companion Dog Training Schools in Europe.
I began working with dogs at the age of 14. In those days, together with two German Shepherds, I was responsible for a flock of 2,000 sheep. It was fascinating to watch dogs do what they were bred for. I grew to be very respectful of their ability to use body language, analyze the environment, make independent decisions while working as a team with me. It is then I realized my calling.
Although I work with many people across many venues, IGP Sport remains one of my passions. I have been using a proven Training System that launched many teams to Championship stardom. I travel across the globe educating IGP competitors about modern dog training.

Trained teams and achievements

Jogi Zank BSP Champion 2009 / Vice World Champion WUSV 2009
Jenny Seefeld BSP Champion 2011 & 2017
Tobias Oleynik Bundes FCI Champion 2011 / WUSV high in Obedience 97P
Robbie de Jong WUSV Vice Champion 2013 / Place 5 2014
Sandy Lips FMBB 3rd place 2017
Cathrine Stenmoe WUSV 5th place 2018
Ossian Modin WC Rottweiler 3rd place 2018

A small list of his accomplishments include:

  • 2 x WUSV Vice Worldchampion
  • 1 x 5th Place WUSV - Norway
  • 1 x 7th Place WUSV
  • 2 x BSP Champion - Germany
  • 1 x BSP Vice Champion - Germany
  • 1 x World Champion Rottweiler - Holland
  • 1 x World Champion Dobermann - Germany
  • 1 x 3rd Place FMBB
  • 1 x 3rd PLace World Championship Rottweiler